Attorneys at Nazrisho & Mirzoev, LLC have had a reputation for excellence as top tier litigation attorneys both in Tajikistan and the US. We develop a strategy targeting the right solution for each client, given the specific circumstances of each case. Time to resolution is always key, because nowhere is the cliche more accurate than in litigation: "time is money."

We also recognize that today's litigation-prone business environment is a major cost challenge for our clients. By working closely with our clients, we strive to stay within the budget parameters, and if an adjustment is needed, we discuss it openly with the client.

Whether it is through litigation, arbitration, mediation or settlement, we pursue legal solutions that meet our client’s business objectives.

We are committed to achieving the most desirable results for our client. If careful pretrial negotiation can not resolve the dispute, we are vigorous advocates in court. Our lawyers use the most sophisticated trial management and presentation techniques available.

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