Corporate law and securities

Choosing the right business entity form is the foundation of a solid business planning. Our lawyers will guide you in making the right decision. Clients receive experienced advice to make an informed decision on the type of a corporate form that is best for the clients to meet their growth and financing needs while maximizing tax advantages.

We represent buyers and sellers in a wide variety of acquisitions and divestiture transactions. Our lawyers provide start-to-finish assistance with the structuring, negotiation, documentation and closing of the deals, using the firm’s full resources from due diligence to creating tax-efficient deal structures. We also offer corporate counseling such as advising on financing and antitrust approval, structuring of employee benefits and non-compete agreements in the acquired entity. Our corporate clients receive legal representation in negotiating and preparing letters of intent, structuring acquisition and lending agreements, and forming special purpose entities for completing the transaction.

Whether our client is a multinational corporation, financial services investor, publicly or privately owned business entity, holding group, or a consulting firm, the firm will provide a one-stop shop, streamlining and ethical work.

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